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Samsung 32GB SDHC  Class 10 Memory Card

Samsung 32GB SDHC Class 10 Memory Card


  • £1139

Samsung have delivered yet again with a even faster more robust SDHC memory card. Being virtually indestructible you can take this beauty anywhere! If extreme sports are your thing this cleverly constructed little card would be keen to join you! Constructed from the highest quality components, not only is it shockproof, waterproof and dust-proof, it's Magnetic and X-ray safe too! So put all of your fears of data corruption behind you and step into the future with this extremely reliable and trustworthy Samsung SDHC Class 10 memory Card.

Samsung SDHC Class 10 memory cards will transfer your data in a jiffy with Read speeds of up to 80MB/s and minimum sustained Write speeds of 40MB/s, making it perfect for your digital camera or camcorder

Features of the Samsung 32GB SDHC Class 10 memory card:

- Compatible with all SDHC labelled devices
- Magnetic and X-ray safe
- Shock Proof
- EMC coating - Water and Dust Proof
- Soft Rubber Casing
- Ideal for digital cameras, GPS, etc
- Record in Full HD Video
- 5 year limited warranty

This product is supplied brand new in a protective memory card case only with no other retail packaging.

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