XD-Picture Cards

XD-Picture Cards are compatible with most Fuji and Olympus digital cameras.

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XD-Picture Cards Info:

Please browse our full range of XD Picture Cards. XD cards are a very popular memory card format and are compatible with nearly all Fuji and Olympus digital cameras produced prior to 2010. We Olympus XD-Picture cards, Fuji recently discontinued all of their XD-Picture cards.. All of our XD-Picture cards are compatible with Fuji and Olympus cameras. Olympus XD-Picture cards allow the user to utilise extra features on some Olympus cameras such as 3D and Portrait modes.


We now only stock the new Olympus Type M+ which operates at 1.5 times the speed of the standard Type M memory card and they are compatible with most XD-Picture card compatible cameras. Please note: All new Olympus and Fuji digital cameras produced after Jan 2010 use SDHC memory cards rather than XD-Picture cards. Please visit the SDHC category page if you have one of these cameras. Fuji no longer product XD-Picture cards but our Olympus memory cards above are compatible with most XD-Picture card compatible devices.