Sony Ericsson Micro M2

Micro M2 memory cards are compatible with many Sony Ericsson mobile phones produced before 2010. If you have a newer Sony mobile device then it probably uses Micro-SD memory cards instead.

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Memorystick Micro M2 Memory Card Info:

Memorystick Micro M2 memory cards are compatible with the latest Sony Ericsson mobile phones and devices. Micro M2 memory cards are the smallest of all Sony compatible memory cards but and are available in capacities up to 16GB. Most mobile phones that use the Micro M2 format can use cards up to 8GB in capacity and the latest handsets can use up to 16GB. The Memorystick Micro M2 cards allow users of Sony Ericsson devices to store masses of media rich information including photo, video and MP3 music files. We stock the full range of Sony and Sandisk Memorystick Micro M2 memory cards.Sandisk are the worlds leading digital memory card brand and are one of only 2 other companies licesned to produce Micro M2 cards along with Sony