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SDHC Memory Cards

SDHC memory cards are compatible with a large amount of modern devices and are the most popular memory card format.

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SDHC Memory Card Info:

SDHC or SD High Capacity is a memory card format released in late 2006 and is only compatible with the latest devices which show the SDHC logo. SD HC cards start at 4GB and are currently available up to 32GB but are also available in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB capacities. SD HC was invented to allow for new digital devices that capture high resolution images and high definition video.

SDHC memory cards also come in 4 speeds. These are class 2 , class 4, class 6 and class 10. These are all minimum measures of read/write speed in MBp/s. Please note that these are minimum speeds, the Sandisk Ultra and Extreme Pro ranges operate at much faster speeds than this. Please check with your device handbook before purchasing to make sure that your device supports Secure Digital High Capacity. *Please note the new SDHC cards are only compatible with new devices showing the SDHC symbol. SDHC devices are also backwards compatible so they will accept standard SD cards. But standard SD card devices will not accept SDHC memory cards. SD HC stands for (SD High Capacity). Most new devices such as digital cameras and camcorders will use SDHC memory cards but if you are unsure whether your device will take this new format please ask us before purchasing.