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Micro-SD Memory Cards

Micro-SD memory cards are compatible with most modern mobile phones and some cameras and camcorders.

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Micro-SD Memory Card Info:

Please browse our full range of Micro-SD memory cards. Micro-SD cards are the smallest memory card format. They are compatible with a majority of new mobile phones and offer an excellent storage solution for things like image, video and music files. We stock Micro SD memory cards from all major brands including Sandisk and Kingston and in all available capacities currently up to 64GB. Many Micro-SD cards come with a full sized SD adaptor so that you can use the card as a normal SD card in things like digital camera and camcorders.


All Micro-SD cards 4GB and above are also called Micro-SDHC (Micro SD High Capacity). These are formatted slightly different to standard Micro-SD cards and are not compatible with all mobile phone handsets although the majority of new handsets will use this format. All mobile phones that support Micro SD will use cards up to 2GB but if you are not sure whether you can use Micro-SDHC memory card 4GB and above please check compatibiliy either with us or with your mobile phone manufacturer before buying.